Girl Kit

This is a list of recommendations for a basic boy to girl kit. I’ve used a lot of products over the years, and have refined my kit based on what I find works well and what doesn’t, but that’s not to say though that there aren’t plenty of other workable options! (There is a lot of clothing and makeup out there.)

First up, two accessories that are literally life changing. As in, you will feel the doors of new possibility swing open when you put them on and see a new person in the mirror.

Next, the chest area:

Photo of Freyyj showing off shapewear

Some other key apparel items:

The world of makeup is broad and very complex. It’s worth learning though, because unlike taking gender-inverted photos with FaceApp, it will let you go outside! These are a list of single, direct recommendations, but lots of other items will work too. I tend to recommend NYX a lot because it’s quite cheap for its quality where more famous brands like MAC are great, but expensive. While learning, make heavy use of YouTube videos to figure out how things work.

The list above is also in the order that I apply each item when getting done up.

Other clothing:

You’ll need to find the right compromise for you in terms of price and quality, and this takes some trial and error. Clothing at the high end can be a hundred times more expensive than the low end, but it doesn’t give you even close to a hundred times the quality. On the other hand, there’s a lot of cheap clothing on Amazon, some of which is good, but a lot of which really is just as junky as its price would suggest. On the other other hand, the higher end fast fashion brands are often sourcing from the same places as brands that cost half as much.

There’s no right answer. I tend to wait for one of Express’ semi-annual 50% off sales and buy a lot of stuff from them, spot filled by random Amazon buys.

September 8, 2020 (4 years ago) by Frey·ja