Hi I’m Freyyj (or Freyja, or Frey, or Frey·ja as you like), and you might know me from Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter. I’m a part-time girl who posts a lot of stupid photos of herself in cute clothes. I love eyeshadow, tall shoes, leggings, and the color black. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, you’ve stumbled into the wrong corner of the internet!

The main feed shows a mix of miniature blog posts interspersed with Instagram-style photos and captions. Unlike Instagram, they’re not login-walled or imprisoned in tiny 50 pixel2 thumbnails, so it’s better to view them here. There are are Atom feeds for mixed media, text posts only, or photos only in the source.

This site is built automatically by a custom Go-based CMS in a GitHub Action, and deployed statically to S3 where it’s served at lightning speed worldwide via CloudFront distribution. Its design is inspired by my nostalgia for the 80s, with lots of big, bright neon colors.

It uses modern, vanilla CSS, which I talk about here. I sketched the core styling in less than a day (to make sure that something got shipped instead of nothing), so I’ll be making minor tweaks to styling until the end of time.

I’d like to get a FAQ going at some point, so if you want to ask me something, email me at freyyj1@ Google’s really popular public mail service.

Photo of Freyyj