Bye Serena!

Serena LaChance was my old nom de plume. I don’t have a fully realized rationale as to why I changed it, but the gist of it is that I wanted to distance myself from some of my old world pre-understood-how-to-do-makeup media, and have a shorter username that I could claim on major social platforms.

I’m re-posting some of my pre-2018 photos here because the services that I’d originally published to are all highly susceptible to link rot at this point (e.g. Flickr). Unfortunately, I’ve lost or didn’t keep a lot of the originals, so these are all at the best resolution I could find, and for the most part, that wasn’t great.

This set goes back as early as 2010. I wish I had photos from even earlier than that, but minus a stroke of insight into the location of some forgotten backups, they’re gone. A few years ago I found a TrueCrypt volume where I’d put some photos taken in 2006, but had forgotten its passphrase. And actually, I think I just remembered the passphrase (iamgothwhencrossdressed), but have now lost the volume. Drat.

What I found most amazing looking back through this set isn’t anything about me, but how much cameras have improved in the last ten years. We all understand that intuitively, but the difference is still surprisingly vast – a lot of my early shots may as well have been taken through a fish bowl. Smartphone cameras today perform as well as DSLRs in 2010.

Anyway, take it easy on me!

2010 Sultry

2011 Blue stockings

2011 Long dress (up)

2011 Patterned tights

2011 Red stockings

2012 Big hair hotel

2012 Snakeskin 2

2012 Snakeskin 1

2012 Snakeskin 3

2013 Really blonde

2014 Germany

2015 Night profile

2016 Goth and goggles

2016 Light dress and dark liner

2016 Morning

2017 Mane

2017 Plaid skirt and table

2017 Scarf and nose ring

2017 Workout gear

September 9, 2020 (4 years ago) by Frey·ja